Gloucester Real Estate

The natural beauty of Gloucester Real Estate including the Stroud and Barrington regions, has been the reason for a surge in buyers for all types of Real Estate that this large area has to offer. Buyers from the Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast regions in recent years have seen the advantages of living in this area. These districts have farms, residential allotments and hobby farms which involve various types of land titles, such as Torrens Title, but also old system title and qualified & limited titles. There are still leases in perpetuity and other Crown leases applying to these districts.

ray martian solicitor

Ray Martin moved to Gloucester in 1978 and has a vast amount of personal experience with the various types of land titles for the Gloucester, Stroud and Barrington areas. Ray Martin has been actively involved in the Gloucester community for years with several volunteer organisations such as the Lions Club and the Rotary Club of which he is currently a participating member. He has held board positions at the local golf club, swimming club and water polo club. He played rugby league for Gloucester and rugby union for the senior men’s team in Gloucester. For several years he was the co-ordinator for Youth Achievers Australia linked with Gloucester High School

If you’re looking at Gloucester Real Estate or looking in the Stroud or Barrington areas for real estate, Ray has compiled a list of up to date information and cost saving tips for anyone wishing to purchase any type of property. Starting with what you need to know before you go looking Right through to the exchange of contracts. Ray also outlines all the hidden costs and government charges associated with most property purchases. He also lists all of the NSW Government and Federal Government current benefits for property buyers, such as:

• Grants
• Stamp duty exemptions
• Stamp duty concessions
• Senior’s exemptions
• Investment property grants.

See our Buying Real Estate Page for this information and more tips.

His firm has Simone Mobbs, a licensed conveyancer who has vast experience in this field coupled with years of experience working to assist Ray with his client’s needs. Simone has completed her Macquarie University studies and is a licenced conveyancer who worked in other law firms, before commencing with Ray Martin in 2002.

Receptionist, Jenny Yarnold has worked with local estate agents and with Ray Martin for over thirty years. This gives her firsthand knowledge of conveyancing and its requirements.

For more legal details about purchasing Gloucester Real Estate and the surrounding rural properties you can easily Contact Us.